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"Sherry was born with the gift of sound!  I appreciate how Sherry let's others create music with her, and then brings everyone to a space of openness through movement, drumming and sound.  This made the sound healing experience feel whole and complete.  I have a passion for helping people grow into their gifts, and it has been a pleasure to witness Sherry blossom into her natural ability as a sound healer.  Not only is Sherry a gentle and delightful Soul, she is highly intuitive in her healing abilities.  She creates a safe, welcoming space for all."


- Jeanne, Afton Embrace

I had the great fortune of meeting Sherry Strand on my trip to the Amazon in Peru this past March.
I have been receiving Reiki treatments in Chicago for years due to a chronic cough and some pain associated with running.  Upon my return from Peru, the US had basically shut down due to COVID. Knowing Sherry is a licensed Reiki practitioner in Minnesota I thought I would give distance Reiki a try.

I am just amazed that a session coming from Minnesota to Chicago was equal to what I experienced in the same room. 

What differentiates Sherry is her understanding of what my body was experiencing and ideas on why my body might be reacting. She asks questions and takes the time to understand what is going on in my life. Sherry has great intuition and natural instincts into my diagnosis.

Sherry is incredibly skillful, professional, warm and comforting. She truly takes all things into account and listens to focus her treatment on the challenges you might be facing. 

I would encourage anybody who has reservations about Reiki to talk to Sherry and experience a healing like no other.


- Nora Barnicle, Chicago

When I scheduled my first Reiki appointment with Sherry, I had a very limited knowledge of what a session would consist of. I was not expecting much, but had already been through years of intermittent therapy, had an occasional massage, and was in “fairly decent health”. I did not think I was ever really anxious, but would say I always had what I described as a “kettle ball” sitting in my gut for quite a while. I figured maybe Reiki could help me to relax a bit. I understand health and medicine and have worked in the field as an RN for years. I have always been open to alternative therapies, but never had a true Reiki session. Not that I doubted any results would occur, but I was not expecting what did happen. To begin with, that kettle ball is gone and my mind has opened to past events that I thought were “under control” and “dealt with”. I truly believe that the session was amazing and truly life changing. Several family members, including my husband, would agree something changed in me. He does not quite “get” what happened in the session and neither do I exactly. Whatever and however Reiki works I don’t know, but I am certainly going to continue to have more visits with Sherry.

- Jill S. 

Sherry is truly an Angel sent down from heaven!
I have had energy work done on myself and my animals a few times and was blown away every time. My most memorable experience though was when she did remote energy work on my Dog Sadi the day she passed away. I knew in my heart Sadi was struggling more than she let me know and probably wasn’t going to make it much longer. I had reached out to Sherry a few days prior to see if the energy work would give her some relief as it always had in the past. During that session Sherry had asked me if anything happened to her on Sunday. And yes Sunday was the day Sadi drastically started to go down hill and wasn’t eating, could barely walk and we knew her medication was no longer working. A few minutes after Sherry finished her session Sadi ate a piece of chicken! The next morning we knew it would be her last. I reached out to Sherry again and she graciously did another remote session. sherry told me to hold my hand on Sadi’s heart and that she needed me to tell her it is ok for her to go and that I was going to be alright. Once I did that she let out a sigh, lifted her head to give me kisses even though she could barely move and a few hours later she was gone. I will be forever grateful for that moment and for her to be able to let me know exactly what my sweet little girl needed to hear from me and what I needed to hear from her.

-Tara E. 

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