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Sherry is an RN, with additional training in Holistic Health Studies, Healing Touch, Integrative Sound Healing and is a certified Reiki Master & Instructor.  She has studied various shamanic practices, including an elder indigenous shaman in the Amazon jungle.  Sherry is also a percussionist and performs in a concert band and women's drum ensemble.  Sherry has been studying and practicing the Yang-24 Form for many years.  Additionally, Sherry has earned the blue sash with The Bridge Tai Chi in the Cane Form and has studied Kung Fu Fan Form. Sherry is a Tai Chi instructor in Stillwater and also leads a Tai Chi practice group. 


Sherry Strand
Usui Reiki Master, RN, Holistic Health Practitioner, HealthRhythms Facilitator, Vibrational/Sound Healer, Tai Chi Instructor


She is a certified HealthRhythms Facilitator and offers individual and group work for people and animals utilizing a blend of her own embodied practices based on foundational studies of QiGong, Tai Chi and integrative sound healing. She has studied with various shaman, including an elder Amazonian shaman in Peru, learning about indigenous healing.   

Sherry provides services for animals as well as humans. 

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