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Biofield Therapy - Energy Medicine


Scientifically speaking, “Biofield Therapies are noninvasive therapies in which the practitioner explicitly works with a client's biofield (interacting fields of energy and information that surround living systems) to stimulate healing responses in patients”, according to the National Institutes of Health.  They also consider the biofield to "play a significant role in information transfer processes that contribute to an individual's state of mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual wellbeing”. 

I blend a combination of energy medicines (Reiki, Healing Touch, Sound/Vibrational Healing) together based on individual needs, creating a unique experience with each visit.  

I reserve 2 hours for each individual session to allow an customized session based on discussion, requests  and needs.  Work may be completed in less than 2 hours, but I make sure to allow enough time for what you need.

For appointments with animals, I reserve 30-45 minutes.  Animals generally take less time than people as they are usually very intuitive and open. 

Professional Reiki healer doing Reiki tr

Blended Biofield - Energy Medicine


Individual Work 

Available in person or remotely.

Studio is located in Stillwater, MN within Wholehearted Healing 


Tai Chi classes

Instructor at Healing Within Acupuncture and Wellness in Stillwater, MN.  

Register at

NEW - 2024 - Expanding to Studio Time Out in south Minneapolis, MN.   Contact Sherry to Register.


Integrative Sound Healing 

Individual and Group Work 

Available in person or remotely.

For group work, check out:



Wholehearted Healing LLC

6381 Osgood Ave N, Building C

Stillwater, MN 55082


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